garden time review

Garden Time review: ever wondered what an iPot is?

This Father’s Day, gift your good old man some garden time! No, I don’t mean hand him digging instruments and push him into your flower bed, as a gift. He probably wouldn’t treasure that gift too much. But he would treasure Garden Time, a self-automated system for growing plants indoors.

Father, mother, partner or friend – Garden Time is the perfect gift for anyone who loves plants, but cannot take good care of them, for whatever reasons. It must be a terrible feeling when they find their plants dead, because they forgot to water them for a while. So, save your loved ones the guilt, with this thoughtful – and useful – gift! This is a gift they will truly cherish.

Here, I’ll answer some of your questions about this cool product.


“Is this the right gift for them?”

gardentime whiteIf they are fond of plants, but are unable to care very well for them due to forgetfulness or because they are too busy, then yes, this is indeed the right gift for them. Garden Time ensures that your plants are well cared-for, even if you forget about them for an entire month. It is also the ideal gift for a parent or grandparent who likes gardening, but is unable to practise it due to joint pain. With their plants placed on a desk and within easy reach, they will be able to rediscover their old hobby. Or if they like cooking, you can gift them this amazing device, which will make sure that their herbs are within their reach, and as fresh as ever!


“How does it do all of that?”

Garden Time operates on the 888 technology – which means that it has three automated 8-hour periods every day. The first eight, during daylight, are its ‘grow’ time. The next eight, encompassing late afternoon and evening, are its ‘light’ time. This is when 12 white LEDs built into the device turn on, and simulate daytime conditions, so the plant can continue the process of photosynthesis. More photosynthesis means more oxygen for you, and more food for the plant. So, it’s a double win! And finally at night, for the last eight hours in the cycle, the plant rests.

Now, on to the subject of watering it. The system is very simple, yet clever. The intelligent pot (iPot) is made of two layers. The inner layer is the Soil Pot, with the plants and soil. The outer layer is where you fill water. The outer pot has a rope running lengthwise along its bottom and into the sPot. This rope ensures that the soil there is always moist, and that your plants are never deprived of water.

However, that’s not all. The unit has purple LEDs built in which are switched on for a few hours every day, to stimulate growth. So, these lights will in fact help the plants grow faster.


“It sounds like a fancy, high-maintenance gadget.”

gardentime wood - reviewGarden Time is designed such that the plants can grow with minimal human interaction. Therefore, it is very low-maintenance. The only thing you’ll have to do, once you’ve plugged it in and set up its settings, is re-fill the iPot with fresh, clean water. However, even that doesn’t have to be done often, for the iPot can store enough water for up to 30 days.

As to power consumption, the device is energy-efficient and only consumes about 0.1 kW per day, so it won’t add much to your electricity bill, either.


“And it’s not pricey?”

That depends on your budget, but most likely, not. Priced at $109.95, it’s a reasonably priced product, which anybody would love to own!


“But what about space?”

Space is not going to be a problem at all, for Garden Time is a compact unit, only 330 millimetres tall, and 330 millimetres across. Made of ABS synthetic resin, it looks smart and sleek, and will serve as a decorative item, while also making itself useful as a side-table light, or a reading light. It can be placed on a night-stand, or on the kitchen counter, or any other small table.


“But will it look jarring and out of place? It looks too modern.”

gardentime black - reviewGarden Time comes in three different colours: white, black and wood. You can opt for the last, which will blend in perfectly with more traditional, wooden furniture. Although made of the same material, it has a wooden finish, and will look great in a place with antique furniture.


So, what are you waiting for? Surprise a loved one with Garden Time! They will love it. In fact, if you know any plants which they particularly like, you can order those seeds. In the starter kit, along with a seedling potting mix and mist sprayer, you’ll also get two packets of seeds of your selection. Imagine their wonderful surprise face, when they see this great-looking little gadget which will not only take care of their plants, but comes with the seeds, too!

Here are some quick product specifications and details:


Material ABS synthetic resin
Colour White, Black, Wood
Dimensions 335 x 150 x 335 mm
Weight 2.5 kg
Power 7.5 W/hr
Voltage 100-240 V
Price $109.95


Thumbs Up: It is time and energy efficient, looks great, and ensures that your plants are taken care of.

Thumbs Down: Its price might be a little on the high side, and the unit is somewhat heavy, because of which it can be difficult to move around.

Rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars

Head over to their website for more details, or to buy the product.